Womyn @ Noon Luncheon Series ~ continues…



October 18th> Building your Stress Toolbox: Minimizing the Impact of Stress on your Life and on You
There are so many ways that we experience stress in the hectic pace we operate in today. Getting in gear for this semester why not get ahead of the stress, prepare for it in a sense. We know it is going to be there — with the pressures of classes, work, family life, bills — stress comes from many sources in our lives. Come to this session to learn more about how to not let stress take over this semester and get some tools to help you meet stress at the door, and keep it at a low level. Free yourself and operate in a more relaxed frame of mind.
Speaker Bio> Henrietta has a new role this year working at the Center for Teaching and Learning and is thrilled to participate in the Womyn @ Noon series once again. Fondly known as “Henrie.” She has worked at UVM over the past 8+ years in many areas all over campus and understands just how crazy life can get with the many things we all are attempt to juggle in order to accomplish our goals with our hearts and dignity intact. This is one of her favorite events and enjoys sharing ways in which we can all bring our full selves to the table and knows an important aspect of this is caring for ourselves.Henrie has also lead Mindfulness Meditation lunch time sessions, will be co-chairing the 4thAnnual Women of Color Leadership Retreat Planning committee this year with Candace Taylor, has been appointed to the UVM Presidential Commission for the Status of Women, is participating on the Racial Healing Retreat planning committee, and co-Advises the P.E.A.C.E resident learning program in L/L. Outside of UVM, Henrietta has her own small business called Building a Better U, LLC that she with her partner, friend and colleague Sydnee Viray. They work with organizations, institutions of higher ed., corporations and individuals to provide professional development, coaching, lead facilitated dialogues and trainings on diversity and team-building.


October 25th> Relieving Stress and Creating Emotional Balance With Essential Oils
Do you having occassional trouble sleeping, feeling overwhelmed or having difficulty concentrating?
Do you suffer from headaches, digestion problems, feeling run down physically, and tired of dealing with hormonal mood swings, anxiety & emotional reactivity or depression in relationships?
These are most often “symptoms of stress” and left unattended, can actually create a whole host of physical issues in the body and distress for us emotionally, mentally, spiritually.
Come learn what Ancient Wisdom knew & Modern Science is proving today about using pure Essential Oils to relieve many of these symptoms and restore Emotional Balance, Harmony & Peacefulness into your daily life.
If you have ever been curious about learning about how the essential oils may be beneficial for you personally, this is the workshop for you! You will leave feeling empowered about specifically which oils can support you for specific issues and have the opportunity to sample over 50 therapeutic grade essential oils & blends!
Speaker Bio> Anne is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist with over 16 years experience and has spoken at National Health Conventions, Holistic Expos, and teaches 2-4 Essential Oils classes per month at the Healer Within You in Williston, VT. She has also taught in N.Y., MA, CA, and Canada.


Anne is passionate about Holistic Wellness & uses essential oils daily in her life to enhance her personal yoga/mindfulness practice, & to maintain physical health, vitality & emotional balance. http://www.annecameron.vibrantscents.com/
Anne is also a Reiki Master/Reiki Teacher & offers discounted pricing to students who wish to learn Energywork. Contact her at: heavenscents4you@yahoo.com or call 802-318-5199.


November 1st> Intersectionality in the Domestic and Sexual Violence Movements: Why Claiming to “Serve Everyone Equally” Doesn’t Do Anyone Any Good

Since critical race theorist Kimberlé Crenshaw introduced the concept of intersectionality in 1989 as a way to think about multiple, intersecting parts of a woman’s life when dealing with violence, the academy has produced numerous journal articles and chapters incorporating, adapting, and expanding it. What has not been as productive is the application of the theory into the work around domestic and sexual violence. In other words, it remains a relevant theory but it rarely successfully makes it out of the academy. This talk will highlight the main points of intersectionality and explore where we succeed and where we come up short in working the theory into practice in both the workplace and in our work with survivors. We will also discuss what place theory has in the fields of domestic and sexual violence.

Speaker Bios> Kim Fountain is the Executive Director of RU12? Community Center, which celebrates, educates and advocates with and for LGBTQ Vermonters. One of our programs is SafeSpace, which provides direct services to LGBTQ survivors of violence. I have worked at the intersection of the LGBTQ and DV/SV movements for over a decade and have taught in universities in NYC and NH on these and other issues of violence. This topic is of particular importance to me because I am deeply invested in shifting the work within the DV/SV movements to better meet the needs of marginalized populations.

Ana Hernández is dedicated to understanding and ending violence and oppression across issues and identities and building whole, peaceful and thriving communities. Ana works through combined strategies of advocacy for equity, abundance, and autonomy for survivors of violence and oppression; deconstructing existing systems of privilege, power, and control; and building integrated, strong, collective voices, organizations, and coalitions for social change. Ana is currently consulting, most recently for the United Nations Population Fund, the Women of Color Network, and the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, built upon extensive experience in capacity- and movement-building, critical analysis, and writing/editing developed over twenty years working, volunteering, or otherwise participating in efforts to advocate for people of color, lesbians, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, people with disabilities, women, and victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence.


November 8th> Exploring EmPOWERment through Narratives of Femininity & Masculinity
Description to come soon.
Speaker Bios> Will be posted soon.


November 15th> WHY a Women’s Center?

Description to come soon.

Speaker Bios> Check out our “Meet Our Staff” Page for bios about each of the Women’s Center Staff.

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