UVM Beauty Week: Challenge Yourself to Look Beyond the Image








About UVM Beauty Week:
Challenging the beauty standard is central to our mission but we wanted to come up with fresh ways to do that. Our rich and vibrant planning conversations were ripe with very positive examples of real women, doing powerful and transformative work around the world. We believe that ALL women are beautiful, that’s old news, but our culture’s obsession with a fictitious, exclusive, harmful beauty standard does so much to hurt women, not the least of which is the trivializing of all of the other incredible things that women are and the work that they are doing. We selected the film Arise for this very reason. Arise showcases women around the world doing amazing work to heal the planet and take back the future and wellbeing of their community. We do not see this in popular media because of the obsession with women as “beauty objects” and commodities. We decided to host an alternative beauty products expo both because we value women’s bodies and feel that education around the harm conventional products can do is lacking and because many of these companies are women owned. Unspoken Beauty will showcase women doing more incredible work as local artists Denise Casey and Pandora Scooter, along with UVM community members come together to use their art form to speak out against oppressive beauty standards. Our Eat the Cake element is meant to speak to guilt free eating and the unrealistic and harmful expectations the beauty standard places on women all day, every day. We want to say that there is no one way to be beautiful, that ALL women are beautiful and then we want to say, okay now that we’ve got that settled let’s move on because women are also building community, making art, transforming spaces and changing the world!

Somewhere Between – Film 2 in our Women in Film Series

Tomorrow night, March 19, 2014, the second film in our Women in Film Series in celebration of Women’s HerStory Month will be showing! 

We’re so thrilled to be teaming up with The Center for Cultural Pluralism for this feature! 
Somewhere Between – Exploring what it is like to come-of-age as a trans-racial adoptee in today’s America, Somewhere Between tells the stories of four girls living in different parts of the US. 
 Check out the trailer – http://vimeo.com/17937890
March 19, 7:30pm L/L Commons Rm. 219
More films are coming! Including Arise, a collaboration with UPB! A powerful film about the transformative work that women around the world are doingto reconnectus with our environment and heal the planet! 
Check out the trailer here  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1MCAzQMmjEImage

The Women’s Awards Banquet!

Last night, March 17, 2014, we once again had the honor of coming together with many members of our UVM community to celebrate the extraordinary women & allies among us!

We at the Women’s Center are always so humbled to learn of the incredible, multi-faceted, transformative work being done across campus to address sexism, equity and inclusion. Women are powerful! 

A great big thank you to those of you who came out to support us and/or supported us in the planning of the event.  

THANK YOU to our awardees for doing work that is changing lives and the world! We are so very inspired by you! Image