The Healing Power of Sound & Voice

Looking ahead in our Womyn@Noon Series!

On November 13, 2014 at Noon, we’ll be joined by Heidi Champney of Sparkle Frequency: Nourishing Your Inner Light with Sacred Sound for a session on the healing powers of sound.

As always, everyone is welcome. No singing or music experience is necessary for this session. We’ll bring cookies and hot tea. You bring lunch and friends (or come alone, that’s fine too!)

At The UVM Women’s Center 34 S. Williams Street, Burlington, VT  at 12pm

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We live in a world that tends to value masculine over feminine, activity over receptivity, thinking over feeling, material over spiritual.  Cultivating a relationship with sound and with your own voice can help to restore balance.  This session offers the opportunity to experience three ways of engaging with sound: Sound Bath, a time to relax into an uplifting soundscape with singing bowls, bell tones, rattles, digeridoo, and voice; Vocal Attunement, a guided meditation that engages the singing voice and the listening ear; and Sacred Chant, a practice found in cultures throughout the world, that helps us to access the higher realms of our beings.  No musical experience is necessary; all voices are welcome!  These practices have many and varied benefits, including relaxation and stress relief, deeper self-awareness, freer self-expression, and access to higher levels of consciousness.


About Heidi:

Heidi Champney is a lifelong musician and singer with a passion for helping people connect with the innate powers that can be accessed through sound and the singing voice.  She holds a BA in physics from Oberlin College, where she also studied violin, music theory, and music history.  Her recent studies in sound healing with Zacciah Blackburn, music improvisation with David Darling, yoga with Deborah Felmeth, and voice with both Deborah Felmeth and Susan Borg, and regular practice of Kirtan, sacred chant from India, have uniquely positioned her for this work.  She offers classes, workshops, and private sessions at Open Sky Studio in Bristol ( and around Vermont and the Northeast and is a founding member of the Burlington-based Kirtan band Yogi P and the Funky Shanti.


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