YES! I RIDE LIKE A GIRL – Women in Action Sports

This week’s Womyn@Noon will be a discussion by UVM Ski and Snowboard Club member Hailey Ronconi! She’ll tell us why “girl is not a four letter word” and how women are excelling in the world of action sports, cause they are!

Thursday, Oct. 9th, 2014 at Noon! 

Action Sports image



As usual – you bring your lunch, we’ll bring tea and cookies. All are welcome (open to the public).

The Women’s Center – 34 S. Williams Street, Burlington (behind Waterman).

Women in Action Sports: YES I RIDE LIKE A GIRL:

In the current world where doing something “like a girl” is considered bad, weak, silly or humorous – this session will look at why and how women are defying that statement! Women are doing amazing things! We will showcase and celebrate women’s accomplishments in the world of action sports. We hope to empower others to join and not be afraid to participate “like a girl”. Whether that means to skate like a girl or snowboard like a girl, women and girls can do it! Drawing inspiration from those who are speaking up and out to empower the participation of women and girls, we will discuss why “girl” is not a four letter word and why women’s participation in action sports is crucial to in the work for equity.

About Hailey Ronconi:

Hailey Ronconi is an avid snowboarder and skateboarder attending the University of Vermont. When she isn’t on a board, she is still involved in many things related to these activities!  Hailey is the Editor in Chief of New England Women’s Snowboarding and works as a skate coach at Talent Skatepark. She is stoked to help more girls get involved in skateboarding! Additionally, she is the Director of Marketing & Events for the University of Vermont Ski & Snowboard Club. Hailey is currently working on completing her Undergraduate Honors Thesis in Marketing for Women in Snowboarding. She has a love for pizza and getting weird but an even stronger love for getting more women involved in board sports!

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