Meet Our Staff

The University of Vermont Women’s Center has 5 full time staff members.


Below is a breakdown of each staff member’s roles and responsibilities at the center and on campus.

Vacant Director of the Women’s Center.  The Director oversees all of the activities of the Women’s  Center, covering a diverse set of women’s concerns and promoting opportunities and educational equity for women. They work with the staff to develop a vision and mission for the Center. The Director works to consult with groups and individuals on personal and professional needs, and with administrators on women’s concerns while serving as a liaison between the university and community women’s organizations. The Director also works with groups and individuals on promoting an equitable, non-sexist and culturally pluralistic environment and helps to advise UVM administrators, trustees, faculty, staff, and students in regard to equity issues for women.


Enmy Soler is the Office Manager of the Women’s Center.  Enmy is responsible for the maintenance of all of the Women’s Center budgets, facilities, and logistics and helps to supervise the student staff at the center.


Judy Rickstad is the Coordinator of Advocacy and Violence Prevention Services also known as the Victim’s Advocate at the
Women’s Center.  Judy is responsible for providing free & confidential direct services and coordinating services on campus for victims of sexual assault, stalking, and relationship violence and domestic violence of all gender identities and expression
. She serves as a confidential source to provide options, information and advocacy to survivors of sexual violence, and to friends and family members. She also provides educational programs around issues of gender violence to students, staff, and faculty, and chaired the Sexual Violence Response Team. The Victim’s Advocate works closely with a variety of campus and community organizations to help prevent violence and to provide the best service possible to survivors.


Vacant Education & Outreach Coordinator (EOC) at the Women’s Center.  The EOC is responsible for coordinating and implementing the Campus Advocacy Program‘s education and training initiatives on sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking. The EOC also serves as the outreach coordinator for the Campus Advocacy Program, working closely with the Coordinator of Advocacy & Violence Prevention Services to create and foster campus-wide awareness about available services on campus and in the community. They also serve as the chair of the Dismantling Rape Culture Conference that occurs each April during Sexual Violence Awareness Month. Additionally, the EOC supervises all student staff, volunteers and interns at the center.


Maria kicks
Maria  Teixeira is the Coordinator for Programming and Leadership
nt at the Women’s Center.  Maria is responsible for planning and implementing large and small-scale programs and events for the campus and community such as Women@Noon, Women of Color Leadership Retreat, Women’s Awards Banquet, Sisterhood Circle, Welcome Back Festival etc. Maria is also responsible for supervising all student staff, interns and volunteers on each of their individual projects. Her work centers around educating and promoting understanding of the intersections of gender, sex, race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, ability/disability, and religion. Thus, in this position, Maria, fosters as much collaboration as possible with special focus on collaborations with the other centers in the Diversity and Equity Unit at UVM. Maria also supports the development and implementation of campus wide programs to increase opportunities for student, staff and faculty leadership development and increased awareness of a variety of intersecting issues. She also maintains the Women’s Center blog, and Social Media sites.

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