Our Core Values

Advocacy: We advocate, at an individual and systems level, on issues of gender-equity and gender-based & sexual violence. We provide comprehensive support and advocacy for victims of gender-based & sexual violence.

Community: We strive to build a safe, inclusive, supportive and affirming community for all identities. We do this through on & off campus collaborations and by offering educational programs, events and resources on issues of identity, inclusion and gender based & sexual violence.

Celebration: We recognize and affirm the importance of celebrating the contributions and achievements of women & allies.

Social Justice & Activism: We see social justice as both a process and a goal that leads to full and equal participation of all groups in society that is mutually shaped to meet their needs. We commit to challenging ourselves, and others to grow as agents of change through our actions, behaviors and relationships.

Empowerment: We support women to reach self- actualization, to use their voice in advocating for themselves and others, to practice wellness from a holistic lens (mind, body & spirit), to strengthen their capacity and courage for leadership and engagement.

Feminism: The movement for social, political and economic equality for all people regardless of gender identity & expression is the lens through which we view our work.

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