Student Voices

On this page our UVM Women’s Center Student Staff will contribute stories, poems, essays, videos, images,etc.; using their voices to engage us in thoughtful discourse about issues related to gender equity from the perspective of womyn students.  


Posted 10/16/12 (via Kieba)

Check out this young woman’s bravery as a reminder that no matter who we are, where we are, how old or young we are… speak… SPEAK UP… use your VOICE, because it matters… OUR STORIES MATTER.

Click on this link and bare witness to this courageous 14 year old womyn ~


Posted 10/2/12 (via Indigo)

Check out this first post from Indigo who saw this video on Miss Representation’s Website and thought it could be good food for thought about media literacy and gender oppression.  Click on the link below.

Miss Representation’s WEBSITE linked this video:

Party Girl Pop: Empowerment of Sexism?

OR… you can go straight to the YouTube Site of the speaker to view as well:

Share your thoughts… in solidarity.

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