Negotiating Time and Healing After Sexual Violence – by UVM Alum Molly Boeder Harris

Negotiating Time and Healing After Sexual Violence

A profound and powerful essay by UVM alum Molly Boeder Harris, that captures the ongoing, day to day processes that sexual assault survivors face so well. 

Trigger Warning 

An excerpt from the essay:

“Yet, for me, the barriers I erect in order to survive the conversation always ends up feeling like a tragedy, another byproduct of having been raped. Another one of those moments when I want time to stop and to simply have permission to go deep into the cavern that the question has revealed.”

There is an infinite reservoir of impressions—scent, sight, taste, touch and sound—when we embark on looking back and looking inside.”

Molly Boeder Harris works within the movement to end gender based violence. Of her work and time at UVM she says,

“I am so proud of my education and life experiences at UVM which created an incredible foundation for me, and really want to contribute to the movement of survivors sharing their stories, insights and resilience whenever and wherever I can!”