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In this space, Women’s Center Staff will contribute information, news, thoughts and perspectives on gender equity issues to promote awareness, education and space for dialogue.

In solidarity, Women’s Center Staff.



posted by Candace

Let us begin to ask questions on how we assess and value the historical work of women in our society… what would we do if it stopped?  Thank you Hillary Clinton for this brief insight….check out this video from the Half the Sky website.



posted by Candace (via Lu)

Why do we need feminism? Why do we need womanism?

So many people we speak to want to know why a Women’s Center exists at UVM and what is the need for such a space on a modern day college campus? Women have the vote and don’t we live in a post-sexist, post-racist, post-____fill in the blank____ society?  Well, the truth is we don’t live in a post-oppression society.  Recently, this site was shared with us so we decided to share it with you all to show some reasons why we need feminism…there are so many reasons…

Why do you think we need feminism?

Please share your thoughts on our site with us and take a look at this link to see some thoughts from other folks on this question:


In solidarity.



posted by Candace

Today I had the chance to read an article shared on our UVM Women’s Center Facebook Page that truly moved me.  (Thank you Hannah for posting!)  Please take a couple of minutes to click the link and read the article.  http://shine.yahoo.com/women-who-shine/sikh-woman-balpreet-kaur-turns-cyber-bullying-incident-203500244.html

Reading this piece raised several themes related to gender that I wanted to share:

  • public and private scrutiny of women based on our appearance
  • women’s worth and substance being based on appearance
  • trans, gender queer, gender identity & expression – phobia
  • religio-spirituality and awareness (or lack there of)
  • empowerment
  • self-love and self-knowing
  • the importance of telling our story and breaking the silence

Some of my favorite quotes from this piece are:

  •  “I do not think explaining myself and the way I am is a waste of energy because storytelling in itself is a way to fight the apathy in this world,”
  • “You are awesome. If your faith has made you this well-adjusted and positive and secure in your own skin, and focused on the things in life that truly matter, then I am glad that there are Sikhs in this world.” Reddit reader “Anna Mosity” wrote. “The world could use more people like you.”

Balpreet Kaur, thank you for your courage, compassion and leadership.  You are an inspiration and the world is a better place because of you.  In solidarity, Candace



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